How Telefónica o2 automated 61% of their live chat requests.

Telefónica o2

The Company.

Telefónica Germany is a provider of broadband, landline and mobile telecommunications in Germany. The company trades as O2. The Telefónica group serves around 49.2 million customers, 44.1 million of which are mobile and 5.1 million landline customers. As of 30 September 2016, it is the largest mobile operator in Germany in terms of customer numbers.

The Channels.

Webchat, App, WhatsApp

The Challenge.

Due to the enormous customer base and various mergers in the past, the call centre volume of O2 has increased massively in recent years. Especially recurring and repetitive questions keep support staff busy. These questions not only cause high costs but also prevent employees from providing first-class customer service. For this reason, O2 has decided to automate the contact volume of simple and recurring questions using artificial intelligence.

The Solution.

The O2 contact centre now uses the e-bot7 platform with the Agent + AI hybrid solution to manage and continuously improve the chatbot Lisa. As a result, support agents are less busy with recurring questions and can concentrate on providing high-quality support to their customers. e-bot7 has been exclusively used in the search bar on the official O2 Germany website and enables their customers to find the answers to their questions easily and quickly without having to call or write an email.


Automation rate.


Reduced handling time.

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