Automate millions of conversations, at once.

Automatically conduct smart conversations and route messages. Reduce customer waiting times and agent churn, as well as support costs, all while increasing customer satisfaction.

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    You are in good company.

    56% of telecom customers prefer the self-service option to select the best plan and 77% of the customers choose self-service for bill payments and recharging their accounts.

    ~ IBM


    In the telecommunication industry, providers have to deal with a large customer base and exploding call centre costs. Recurring first-level support questions keep support staff particularly busy. These questions not only cause high costs, but also prevent employees from providing first-class customer service.


    Our Conversational AI can take over the majority of tickets and automate requests about accounts, plans, pricing and provides around the clock service. This drastically reduces waiting times for customers, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, as the AI automates processes and requests, this greatly reduces costs and call centre fluctuation.

    Here, AI chatbots can reduce costs by routing customers to the correct website and conducting intelligent conversations with millions of customers at the same time. While the customers preferred channels vary, our AI solution ensures a consistent customer service across any channel, device or platform. This drastically reduces waiting times for customers and increases customer satisfaction. This way, insurers can scale their customer service volume and offer a better customer experience 24/7, while reducing costs.

    Perfect for scaling sales and support.

    Monitor data allotment
    Make payments
    Extend contracts
    Top-up prepaid card

    Easy, fast, secure integrations.

    Integrations to third-party apps boost the functionality of your system and connect features that allow you to enhance your business functions as a whole.

    Start delivering amazing conversational experiences today.

    Manage all bots across your organisation in one platform.

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