In the telecommunication industry, providers have to deal with a large customer base and exploding call centre costs. Especially recurring first-level support questions keep the support staff busy. These questions not only cause high costs but also prevent employees from providing first-class customer service.  An AI chatbot can take over the majority of tickets and automate requests about account, plan, pricing and more around the clock. This drastically reduces waiting times for customers and increases customer satisfaction. On the other hand, the AI can automate more and more processes and requests and constantly reduce costs and call centre fluctuation.

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    Use Case.

    We have implemented our solution into the o2 Customer Service. We were able to automate more than 60% of all the incoming first level support requests within the first 2 months, reducing average handling time by up to 68% and deflecting more than 8000 tickets per week. By reducing waiting times and smart routing, we were also able to increase customer satisfaction.

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