In the sports industry, companies struggle to meet offer good customer experience due to limited customer service capacity. Sports events, gyms, studios and clubs can leverage AI and chatbots to boost lead generation and lift the customer experience to the next level. Customer experience is a key differentiator today, providing brands with a competitive advantage.

The majority of incoming requests are first-level and therefore easy to automate via chatbots and AI. These questions not only cause high costs but leave customers waiting for hours or days for a reply. AI chatbots can improve customer experience by routing customers to the correct website, send out important updates and offer personalized assistance to millions of customers at the same time. While the customers preferred channels vary, our AI solution ensures a consistent customer service across any channel, device or platform. This drastically reduces waiting times for customers and increases customer experience. This way, companies can scale their customer service volume and offer a better customer experience 24/7, while growing the target audience and maximizing membership/customer sales.

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