Work-Life Balance as a student: Meet the working students of e-bot7

Work-Life Balance as a student: Meet the working students of e-bot7

During National Student Employment Week, taking place yearly from April 10-16th, the valuable work contributed by students is highlighted and acknowledged for both student employees and their respective employers. We’d like to introduce a few of the incredible working students here at e-bot7! Get to know what it’s like to be a working student at our company and discover what they like most about being a part of such an international team.

Meet a few of our working students:

Kyrill Langhans, Full Stack Developer

Luisa Aulmann, People Operations

Grace Anne Sillano, Digital and Events Marketing

Mareva Zenelaj, Python Developer

How is e-bot7 supporting you with combining studies and work?

My supervisor and colleagues treat my studies as my main priority and encourage me to make time for them. My working time is also very flexible, and I can tailor it to fit perfectly with my study timetable. – Eva 

I am able to arrange my work schedule to fit well with my studies and exams. Also during the semester holidays, I am able to work full time, so the company is very flexible. – Luisa 

My team is very supportive when it comes to my studies and career pivot. Since I’m currently doing my master’s degree in marketing, the projects I’m working on at e-bot7 are really valuable to my development in this area. – Grace 

Great. They offered me a working student contract with twenty hours per week and I was able to freely decide when I’ll work so that I can fit work in around my studies. Now, after finishing my studies, I was able to switch to a full-time contract, which is amazing! – Kyrill 

What do you enjoy most about working at e-bot7?

I really like the company culture and community, especially compared to other places I have worked, e-bot7 puts a lot of effort into integrating the team and building relationships across the company, with different monthly team events, weekly quizzes, and yoga sessions. – Eva 

My favourite thing about working at e-bot7 is the support that I receive from the team, I feel like they push me every day and give me a lot of space to develop and grow, so even though it’s only my second month working here, I have already learnt so much! – Luisa 

I love that everyone is very motivated and welcoming. Every time I’ve ever needed something for a project or a task, people are always willing to help. I also think it’s pretty cool how international we are. – Grace 

I like that I can take on a lot of responsibility and that I get a lot of freedom from my team. In general, I am really happy with my team and my leads, which is also why I have decided to transition into a full-time position at e-bot7 starting in April. – Kyrill 

What is a fun fact about your team?

My team is very fun and energetic, and we can always have a laugh about random subjects. We are very close-knit as a team, but at the same time, we’re also open and excited about welcoming new people. – Eva 

I find it funny that we are all very international – I, myself, am the only German in the HR team but am living and working from Lisbon. – Luisa 

For one of our team events, we had a cocktail night at a speakeasy style bar where we could learn how to make new drinks. – Grace 

We love playing the game GeoGuesser. – Kyrill

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying for a student position at e-bot7?

I would suggest for anyone planning to apply for a working student position at e-bot7 to not only prepare for the interview, but also just be themselves and to not be afraid to show their true personality. – Eva 

The advice I would give them is to give it a go and apply, because it is a really great opportunity, and we have a lot of cool benefits that can be very useful when combining both work and studies. – Luisa 

Just be confident, be yourself, and express your interests and what you want to gain from the role. At the end of the day working is about learning, so don’t get too stressed. – Grace 

Go for it. – Kyrill 

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