The Key to Customer Satisfaction is Artificial Intelligence

The Key to Customer Satisfaction is Artificial Intelligence

‘At the moment, we’re getting more inquiries than usual, you might have to wait up to 25 minutes.’

‘You have reached us outside of our office hours. You can reach us from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.’

‘Thank you for your message. An employee will contact you within the next 4 business days.’

Each of us has experienced a situation where we are stuck in the hotline queue for a quick question or have waited so long for an employee’s answer that the problem was solved in another way beforehand.

If it takes such an effort, and you are struggling to find the right information or contact button for the customer service on a website, you will think twice about whether you really want to spend money on a product or service. For this reason, companies today face the great challenge of providing all services around the clock. However, a study has found that nearly a third of companies (31%) consider it a major challenge (Capgemini, 1) to keep up with the rapid technological developments and digital expectations of customers.

The increasing influence of online reviews shows, how important it is to meet customer expectations (GfK, 2). The internet has taken the ability to easily compare services online to a new level, which on the one hand puts companies under more pressure, but also rewards them if a customer has a positive experience. Anyone who sees online reviews as the voice of customers recognises the potential behind it for the entire company.

After all, understanding the benefits of excellent customer service has a positive impact on a company’s overall image. Efficient customer service means that customer inquiries can be successfully answered before, during and after the purchase process, and without any delay. Since the whole process is done online, the customer does not expect “opening hours” in the traditional sense and therefore customer service should be able to answer questions around the clock. Artificial intelligence in form of chatbots makes all this possible.

Chatbots do not sleep. They are never ill, and they do not bother to answer the same question 300 times a day, compared to your customer service agent. Chatbots are ready to respond to customer requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can often even help customers navigate to the information they want on the website faster than if customers are looking for it themselves. This does not mean, however, that your customer service representative becomes redundant.

In a hybrid solution, the customer service representative and the intelligent bot work hand in hand. As soon as a request is received, the bot will suggest the best possible answer to your employees. The employee confirms briefly and the request is sent out immediately. This ensures that wrong answers are never sent out to the customer. The process not only provides your employees with faster responses and greater satisfaction but also simultaneously automates recurring queries as artificial intelligence constantly learns. Consequently, the customer service representative has time to deal with more complex customer requests, while the chatbot can answer all requests which were trained already. Incorporating artificial intelligence into your customer service can increase efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction through constant accessibility.

Although these technologies already exist, a study conducted in different countries shows that only 30% of the 125 companies from the survey meet customer expectations (Capgemini, 1). How would you like to design your customer service? Where is your customer experience on the scale of frustration to joy?

Is your customer service ready for a customer review?

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