Sports chatbots: Strengthen your fan base with Conversational AI

Sports chatbots: Strengthen your fan base with Conversational AI

Why your fans need a chatbot

When it comes to sports, fans are what bring the constant enthusiasm to any game or match. But to get to the match, fans must prepare themselves with merchandise, tickets, or even observing the stats about their favourite sports player. Unfortunately, service agents aren’t readily available 24/7 to answer fans’ inquiries, like, “What day is the next match?” or “How much are booth tickets?” How do you ensure that your customer service is a slam dunk when receiving a large number of inquiries? Easy – with Conversational AI. 

Handling thousands and thousands of inquiries is an enormous task for any sports club of any size. The main pain points include overwhelmed service agents receiving numerous requests, especially before and during match days,  which result in long waiting times and unsatisfied fans. According to a study by Zendesk, nearly 60% of customers feel that long holds and wait times are the most frustrating aspect to a service experience. Meanwhile, as the younger demographic prefer messaging over calls and emails, many expect to be able to communicate via modern channels and interact with their favourite soccer club also on  Facebook via Messenger or WhatsApp. 

e-bot7 is partnered with several Bundesliga football organisations, including FC Schalke and Borussia Mönchengladbach. FC Schalke’s chatbot Erwin, named after the team’s mascot, chats with customers about topics such as the club’s history and merch-related inquiries. At the same time, Erwin is programmed to talk in a colloquial manner to be more approachable and personable for fans, thus preserving brand loyalty.  

FC Schalke Sports Chatbot Erwin

VfL Wolfsburg assists its fan base for game days, opening hours, tickets and much more. Whether fans are wondering what time and day an upcoming match starts, or how much front row seats cost, their chatbot assists fans around the clock on any platform, channel, or device.

sports chatbot wolfgang

How AI optimises your fans’ experience

With the constant developments of technology, streamlined communication is now possible thanks to Conversational AI. Conversational AI consists of Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms combined with chatbots to provide real-time, reliable support for customers and fans alike. With chatbots, the customer service journey is greatly optimised through 24/7 support, immediate responses, and responses in their language of choice. This, in turn, enables scalability due to an expanding knowledge base and increased automation. 

e-bot7’s hybrid Agent+AI solution combines both human and artificial intelligence (AI). When the chatbot is not able to answer a specific question, the question is handed over to the most viable human agent. Moreover, the chatbot is then trained to learn that question for the next time it appears within the system. No train, no gain – just like on the field. 

Having a chatbot implemented into your organisation enables sports fans to communicate on various channels, as well as being integrated into an existing CRM system, such as Salesforce and Shopify. Customer service available at all times increases customer retention while decreasing costs. Currently, 93% of customers are more likely to return and purchase from companies that offer outstanding customer service. By having a virtual assistant, your fan base will feel number one. 


If your company is goal-oriented, ensure that your customer satisfaction is maintained through efficient and dependable communication. Fans rely on reliable and up-to-date information to feel a part of their favourite team at all times. Stay ahead of the game via Conversational AI. 

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