Proactive messaging with Chatbots: Use these best practices for enabling customer satisfaction

Proactive messaging with Chatbots: Use these best practices for enabling customer satisfaction

In today’s world, managing great service for customers while maintaining it is key for any successful business. Whether it’s in the retail, travel or insurance industry, the way a company interacts with its customers can either retain them or churn them. For many companies and customers alike, one-way communication has always been the most common, yet not always efficient, way of communication. Consumers have demands and requests, and businesses typically offer answers on their own clock. Yet, this one-way stream of communication can be changed by assisting customers prior to their inquiry, as well as handling their demands upon request in real-time. 

What is proactive messaging?

When receiving messages from a business, they provide useful and informative information to customers’ devices regarding a wide range of topics, such as an overdraft notification from the bank, or a message mentioning early access to a sale. As productive as these messages are for the consumer, the issue remains that it is merely a one-way line of communication. 

In order to further engage with the customer, two-way messaging powered by Conversational AI ensures that all questions can be answered in their preferred channel, while your business continues to drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction. 

One-way communication is a thing of the past. Here is why you need proactive messaging today

With SMS and messaging services, such as Whatsapp, being a preferred way of communication, it’s important to implement technology that can keep up with those who are utilizing this particular channel. In fact, 98% of SMS messages are open and read, meaning that it can be extremely advantageous for businesses to reach their customers by way of messaging and develop a more personalised stream of communication. 

The more a customer’s request is heard and answered, the more likely they are to continue doing business with that company. A staggering 90% of Americans see customer service as an essential determining factor when choosing to stick with a brand, while 63% of consumers expect businesses to know their unique needs and expectations. This means that tailoring their online experience is absolutely vital for customer retainment. 

Meanwhile, companies can only benefit from a high-level of customer satisfaction through consistent commitment. With LivePerson’s proactive messaging, they have seen an increase in conversion from 2% to 13%, as well as a 10%+ increase in customer satisfaction via messaging versus phone. 

With proactive messaging, this allows your business to respond in channel with either partly or fully automated responses, producing both higher efficiency and scalability. This way, customers won’t have to additionally enter a business’s website to scroll for FAQ’s, nor contact a service agent only to be put on hold. Rather, proactive messaging enables personalised interactions to offer fast, round the clock support for customers’ specific inquiries, and it further helps guide users towards their decision-making with a product.

Drive your customer experience through proactive messaging via Conversational AI. We support channel integrations including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and many more. 

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