Multilingual bots: Expand globally, communicate locally

Multilingual bots: Expand globally, communicate locally

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A website is accessible from anywhere in the world. But what are foreign-language visitors supposed to do if the website is only optimised for German-speaking countries? The solution: multilingual bots. We’ll explain what they are and how you can use them optimally for your website.

Everyone who is on the web prefers to shop in their native language. However, if you want to use this potential with your website or online shop, you have a decisive advantage in the international market. This will give you an essential advantage over the competition – and generate more sales.

Multilingual bots work very simply: you chat with your customers in their preferred language. If this is not offered, it can directly impact the customer satisfaction of international customers and ultimately on the company’s success. After all, a large proportion of customers do not buy from websites in other languages.

How exactly do multilingual bots work?

The bot is set up in one language, and its knowledge base is maintained in this one language. The chatbot is then played out in the different languages desired by the users. Example: A German company is also active abroad. French customers now come to the company’s website – the bot recognises French as the preferred language. It automatically switches from German to French to communicate directly with the customers in their language.

And that’s without there being a second French bot in addition to the German one. Instead, the translation is done invisibly for the user in the backend. This also means that the service department does not have to employ any additional French-speaking staff – the bot translates the enquiries and answers automatically within a matter of seconds.

For the agents, the users’ requests are translated into the bot language to process them, and then the answers are displayed again in the language of the users. Thus, depending on the integration, the bot is played out in different languages on different channels.

Multilingual bots: What is the innovation?

With multilingual bots, several languages can be represented in one chatbot. The unique feature: Multilingual bots can be managed and maintained in one language. This means that you no longer have to programme different chatbots for each language.

e-bot7 is the right contact when it comes to integrating multilingual bots. They offer a variety of integrations to enable seamless multilingual communication across various channels.

The scaling of customer service takes place through more than 25 languages directly in the chatbot. This is high-quality translation, which is now possible with multilingual bots.

Conclusion: Multilingual bots belong on every website

If you’re in constant communication with customers on your website, you should take a closer look at multilingual bots. e-bot7 supports you with all of your questions, helps you with the integration on your website and continues to be your contact for your concerns afterwards. This way, everyone can improve their customer communication and relieve the service teams.

The original article was published on the 18th of August on Basic Thinking.

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