Main Incubator Interview with e-bot7 founder Fabian Beringer

Main Incubator Interview with e-bot7 founder Fabian Beringer

What distinguishes e-bot7 from other chatbot solutions?

We offer a hybrid Agent+AI® solution, where agents do not have to train the AI system manually, but the system is trained automatically during the operative business. With our solution, we can increase the efficiency in customer service by up to 80%. The integration – in less than two to four weeks – is simple and fast as well as flexible, i.e. it can be used before on-premise or in the cloud. In addition, our Contextual Dialog Editor® allows you to set up complex processes, integrate them into back-end systems and then fully automate them. We also have the strongest multilingual algorithm and can integrate the solution flexibly into existing CRM systems.

While most in the industry choose to use third-party neural networks, our own AI developers and technologies provide a simple interface for end-users, allowing us to continuously improve our models while offering each of our customers a comprehensive, customised solution to make the most of their capabilities.

How did it all start?

Once, after a waiting period of more than 37 minutes, we were frustrated and kicked out of a customer service hotline. That’s exactly why we three founders (Xaver Lehmann, Maximilian Gerer and Fabian Beringer) came up with an idea to use artificial intelligence not only to help agents work quickly but also to automate recurring questions so that customers get an answer faster.

What problem, what idea was the decisive factor in founding the company?

Customer service today is characterised by high costs and manual processes. At the same time, customer demand for faster service on digital channels is constantly increasing. The distribution of the request volume is not balanced so that the support capacity is either not permanently used or the processing time is too high for customers during peak times.

What barriers did you have to overcome?

During our first investment round, we were too sure that everything was going according to plan. At the last second, one of our investors pulled out for no reason. Fortunately, we had a very strong network of other investors at that time, who then supported us. We learned from this that a deal is only complete when everything is signed.

When did you know “this could work”?

We believed in our product right from the start, but the good results with our first major customer surprised even us. With one of these first major customers, a telecommunications’ provider, we were able to massively increase the efficiency of our customer service. Within two months 61% of the requests were completely automated and the processing time was reduced by 68%. This gave the support staff more capacity to concentrate on complex tasks. In addition, customer satisfaction also increased enormously.

How many employees work in your company and who are you currently looking for?

Currently, 50 employees work at the locations in Munich, London and Barcelona. The Tech and Data-Science divisions, in particular, are to be expanded.

Where does the company stand, what is the future of the product and the company?

Our goal is not only to offer the best AI-based technology and thus revolutionise customer service, but to make it as easy as possible for companies to introduce and use such technology. That’s why we’ve built a ‘plug and play’ solution that can be used directly by companies without any development effort.

One of our milestones for the coming years is our international expansion in Europe and the USA. We want to become the leading provider of artificial intelligence for customer service.

Furthermore, we want to offer additional languages in the future as part of our internationalisation. In the future, companies will have to focus more on expanding customer service in order to establish direct contact with the customer. This trend is supported by new AI technologies such as the e-bot7 solution. Currently, it is technologically possible to automate up to 80% of text queries. In our opinion, full automation will take even longer. This would require an enormous amount of data, computing power and new technologies. As soon as this is possible, e-bot7 will be the first provider of this AI technology.

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