Leading across Europe: Meet our Sales Team EMEA

Leading across Europe: Meet our Sales Team EMEA

Being a part of any team requires motivation, cooperation, collaboration and goal-oriented alignment. For our Sales Team EMEA, our members have exactly these qualities that they consistently bring to the e-bot7 team – and much more. 

We’d like to introduce four of our dedicated Account Executives, each of whom are part of the France, UK, DACH and Benelux markets, respectively. 



Leading across Europe: Meet our Sales Team EMEAThibaut Foussard, Account Executive France

| Joined July 2021

| Wine lover and rugby player


Leading across Europe: Meet our Sales Team EMEAFemide Okedeji, Account Executive UK

| Joined November 2021

| People person and disco music enthusiast


Leading across Europe: Meet our Sales Team EMEA

Matthias Klein, Account Executive DACH | Joined October 2021

| Joined October 2021

| American football fan


meet our Sales team

Arion Doornbos, Account Executive Benelux & Nordics 

| Joined September 2021

| Sports enthusiast and marathon runner


Let’s dive in and discover what drives them to be the successful salespeople they are. 

What motivated you to join the sales team at e-bot7?

For me, I liked the internationalism of the team compared to my previous experiences. I am addressing 100% of the French market and this is a new challenge I wanted to take to help me grow. – Thibaut

Initially, I did a bit of research and I really liked the Founder’s story. In summary, Sales is a joy to work in – I like to problem-solve and understand what the challenges are. I think the solution is business-critical, we help businesses scale via AI. I also saw the company is growing and was acquired by LivePerson, the biggest name in Conversational AI. I really wanted to make a stamp and make my mark with e-bot7 in the UK. – Femide

The main motivation was the solution we provide to our customers, and most importantly the people I’ve met during the whole recruitment process, starting from the first touchpoint with the recruitment team. I’ve had such a great feeling about e-bot7 from the very beginning and it definitely was the right decision for me to join the team.  – Matthias 

One of the main reasons is our product. As I like to say, we sell happiness to our customers. Also, I was impressed by the vast experience of my colleagues and their willingness to share knowledge which helps to rapidly grow as a professional, as well as a person. – Arion

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your role so far and how did you master it?

Starting from scratch with my sales pipe in the beginning was a challenge, as my colleagues already had a strong one. After creating my own, we managed to generate several business meetings and prospects. – Thibaut

Our team is small here in the UK, but I’m constantly working alongside with relevant people here at LivePerson. – Femide

The first and biggest challenge was to deep dive into Conversational AI, since I have used chatbots before but couldn’t consider myself an expert. Actually, maybe it still is, as the learning curve at e-bot7 never ends. The support of the team during the onboarding phase was essential to familiarise myself with AI, but I also had the possibility to build and test a bot too. – Matthias 

The most exciting challenge for me was building up a new market with the team and entering the Netherlands. It was a great accomplishment to take the first steps in a new region and see the interest and enthusiasm for our solution growing very quickly. – Arion

What was your happiest moment at e-bot7 so far?

Definitely the Oktoberfest party – it was amazing! Coming from France, it was a very German experience and I really enjoyed it. It was also the first time I gathered together in-person with e-bot7 and with LivePerson. There was a great team spirit. – Thibaut

Within the first two weeks of working at e-bot7, I got to attend my first event In London with members of the e-bot7 team and the LivePerson team. We generated a lot of leads from that event! – Femide

Besides my first day, one of the happiest moments at e-bot7 was entering the Munich HQ for the first time and meeting the entire team in person. – Matthias 

It was definitely meeting with the entire team for the Oktoberfest event in Munich. It was amazing to finally meet colleagues from all over the world and get to know each other personally. – Arion

e-bot7’s team is growing – what type of talents are you looking for?

They need to understand the value to bring to prospects and customers. It takes a lot of curiosity and business culture, as well as strategic decisions to align it all. – Thibaut

In sales, you need to believe in the solution, understand what the business will do and achieve, be serious and determined and enjoy a challenge. You also have to remember that rejection is normal and to keep a positive attitude. – Femide

We are always looking for open-minded, bright and passionate salespeople with the same customer obsession we all share and who aim at transforming the world with AI. – Matthias 

We have a highly engaged Team at e-bot7 and everyone is open to sharing knowledge. We are also committed to having fun together and it is very important for us to have team-oriented colleagues. – Arion

Lastly, can you share a fun fact about your sales team?

I’m the only 100% French one on the team! – Thibaut

Members of our team are so diverse – there’s certain habits and mannerisms they have that genuinely entertain me. – Femide

We all love drinks in the Sales DACH Team and we genuinely love to just sit together, also during breaks, to have some fun. – Matthias 

The particularity of my team is that we are certainly international! Although Benelux is our territory, at the moment I am the only one in the Netherlands and my sales colleagues are based in Spain and the UK. – Arion

Did we spark your interest in our international Sales Team? Check out our open positions on our careers page or reach out to us if you have any questions!

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