Intergic partners with e-bot7 – the Conversational AI solution for Customer Service that uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Intergic partners with e-bot7 – the Conversational AI solution for Customer Service that uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

The digital solutions provider’s solution portfolio is enriched by e-bot7’s artificial intelligence-based Conversational AI platform for customer service

Milan/Munich, 28. June 2021 – Intergic, a digital solutions provider with innovative technology solutions for e-commerce and digital marketing, announces the addition of e-bot7, a leading provider of Conversational AI in customer service based in Munich, to its portfolio. e-bot7 improves customer service efficiency through integration with various channels and tools (including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger).

The e-bot7 platform supports customer service agents and automates responses and processes, reducing costs and increasing revenue. Using hybrid Agent+AI® technology, which combines human and machine know-how, artificial intelligence automatically guides conversations, directs users to the website, pre-qualifies and schedules interactions so the team can check when human intervention is needed.

e-bot7’s platform supports multiple languages and is based on complex natural language processing (NLP) algorithms trained on historical client scripts. The natural language processing is constantly optimised during operation so that more requests can be processed more efficiently.

The solution can be used both as a stand-alone platform (cloud and on-premise) and integrated into existing CRM systems (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.). Thanks to plug-and-play technology, no coding is required, making e-bot7 a turnkey tool that is extremely easy to implement.

The unique features of e-bot7:

  • Agent+AI® hybrid model: using pre-trained machine learning algorithms, the system can automate processes and suggest the best answers to the operator in direct dialogue with the customer. This reduces average handling time, increases turnover and saves costs;
  • Omnichannel integration: enables the e-bot7 solution to be used in mobile apps, websites and at the point of sale to provide customers with support on their preferred channels;
  • Contextual Dialog Editor®: guides customers through predefined workflows, automates processes and combines them via APIs.
  • Real-time performance insights to analyse customer behaviour, create customised reports and improve the customer journey.
  • Service Funnel: Integrated search bar that allows customers to manage questions automatically
  • Smart Routing: Allocation of tasks based on team capacity, availability and experience
  • On-demand notifications allow users to take the lead in the conversation by being taken over by artificial intelligence.

“Today, it is essential for businesses with an online shop to have a state-of-the-art customer service that can solve customer problems and respond quickly to their queries, especially in sensitive areas such as finance, insurance and e-commerce,” says Marco Albonetti – COO of Intergic. “We are therefore delighted to have e-bot7 join our portfolio. e-bot7 is a leader in the field of artificial conversational intelligence for customer service and can offer a complete solution for managing conversations between businesses and customers. Thanks to the e-bot7 solution, companies can achieve numerous benefits, from increased customer service team satisfaction to an improved customer journey for end customers. And all this with minimal effort in implementing the platform.”

About Intergic
For more than ten years, Intergic has accompanied companies in selecting and implementing tools for business innovation, continuously expanding its portfolio with technologies designed to make the Italian digital scenario internationally competitive. Founded in Merano and with a business unit in Milan, Intergic has established itself over the years in the world of Fintech, IoT, Supply Chain, Geolocation and Industry 4.0 thanks to its team of professionals. Intergic’s portfolio includes Bluecode, CleverReach®, CRO_BRAIN, e-bot7, FACT-Finder, InPost, MySizeID, Kameleoon, Klarna, prudsys, Super Disty.

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