How leisure trusts can succeed in times of COVID-19

How leisure trusts can succeed in times of COVID-19

COVID-19 is literally taking the world’s breath away and some industries have been hit hard. Leisure trusts across the UK are running out of money due to closed doors and are currently facing an uncertain time. They are not allowed to open their studios again, members are dropping out, membership fees are falling off and trainers cannot give training in person. Due to uncertainty about government regulations and COVID-19 measures, leisure trusts also have to manage an increasing number of member requests, despite staff shortages and zero income.

But it is precisely at such times, where leisure trusts can leverage digital technologies to tackle the crisis and try out new concepts. With social distancing measures, artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots are helpful facilitators to keep in touch with customers and scale customer communication virtually. In this article, we inspect how conversational AI can help leisure trusts to be successful even in times of COVID-19.

Mastering the Corona crisis with a chatbot

Leisure trusts can leverage artificial intelligence and chatbots to answer customer inquiries automatically without direct human intervention. This way, leisure centres can provide information & updates to their members and eliminate uncertainty. Answering frequent requests automatically reliefs the burden on customer service teams and bridge staff shortages. 

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Besides, informing website visitors about general information or safety measures, bots can be programmed to engage with visitors proactively. For example, a chatbot can also act as a fitness coach for members. Thanks to AI, a chatbot can also provide personalised workouts and nutritional recommendations, motivate members and answer their questions. Especially for leisure trusts, this is a good opportunity to retain members and develop new sales potential in order to survive the crisis. Hence, leisure trusts can focus on their way to reopen and welcome the people back to their studios, which will have a crucial impact on the recovery of the population after COVID-19. 

“Our view is that leisure and culture will play massive part post-Covid in helping people to connect and get active. Our worry is that if trusts go, they won’t come back.” (Community Leisure UK)

New approaches to digital solutions offer a way to survive and retain and acquire new members during and after the crisis. AI chatbots can bridge personnel bottlenecks and relieve customer service teams, especially in heavily affected industries.


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