e-bot7 ranked twice among the top digital assistants in 2021

e-bot7 ranked twice among the top digital assistants in 2021

In a large-scale test, COMPUTER BILD and Statista tested chatbots in customer service from different companies within the telecommunications, insurance, finance, and supply industry.

ADAC (Germany’s largest automobile club and insurer) was ranked second place with chatbot Anna from e-bot7 in the insurance industry. Chatbot Anna answers various questions regarding the membership and insurance. With chatbot Anna, customer requests can be resolved within minutes, while taking a huge workload off the customer service agents. 

In the telecommunications sector, Tchibo mobil was ranked in the top five with chatbot Tom from e-bot7. Chatbot Tom answers the most frequent customer requests such as credit top-up, customer portal, and offers free text input as well. When a customer poses a non-routine question that chatbot Tom has not encountered previously and therefore cannot answer with full confidence, the request is automatically forwarded to a Tchibo mobile support agent. Thus, the chatbot Tom becomes more intelligent with every request. 

The chatbots were tested in the categories of user guidance, dialogue & professionalism, user experience, and security & ethics. Over 1500 users were asked about their user experience with the chatbots in the market research survey.

Full article here: https://www.computerbild.de/top-digitaler-assistent-2021/

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