e-bot7 – New financing – Commerzbank, Telefonica, private investors

e-bot7 – New financing – Commerzbank, Telefonica, private investors

“Our lead investor, main incubator, is a win: he has brought important co-investors on board. And through its reputation and very strong network, we can definitely take e-bot7 to the next level.” – Xaver Lehmann, Founder and CEO


Customer service nowadays is inefficient, unscalable and expensive. Support agents have to answer the same questions every day and one question can cost up to € 10 per contact.

e-bot7 brings practical applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence to customer service and helps agents to efficiently handle support questions. The system analyses incoming messages, sends them to the right department, and provides agents with accurate answer suggestions. Up to 50% of repetitive and recurring queries can already be automated after the integration.

With the English and German-language NLP algorithm, the AI hybrid solution and low implementation effort, e-bot7 is one of the most innovative chatbot providers in the DACH region.

Large European Telecommunication providers are already using e-bot7‘s technology as part of the external customer interaction.

The AI-based algorithms are continuously optimised. Already, a large part of the customer requests are processed automatically by the chatbot which helps to ease customer service and allows employees to focus on more complex tasks.

e-bot7 is based in Munich and was founded in 2016 by Xaver, Fabian and Max. The founders have known each other for many years and have always dreamed of founding their own company.

After only a few months, they were able to get Telefonica’s accelerator Wayra on board, which supported them not only through an investment but also with valuable consultants and their large business network.

Now, after just one year, e-bot7 was able to close their high six-digit seed financing round with main incubator acting as lead investor and renowned business angels in order to further expand operations.


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