e-bot7 is awarded nine times by G2 and rated the Leader in Intelligent Virtual Assistants

e-bot7 is awarded nine times by G2 and rated the Leader in Intelligent Virtual Assistants

We are thrilled to announce that e-bot7 has received nine awards for spring 2021 by G2 — after G2 already awarded e-bot7 with five badges in the last quarter.

G2 is the world’s leading B2B software and services review platform that allows users to publish real-time, unbiased reviews and provide consolidated, third-party information on different software and services.

We are proud to announce that G2 named e-bot7 the leader in nine different categories for the second quarter in a row. As ratings of verified users built the basis for G2 awards, it shows the high customer satisfaction of e-bot7 users and an increasing market presence. e-bot7 was also named the overall leader in Intelligent Virtual Assistants for all categories, once again.

Additionally, e-bot7 received the badge “Users love us” for several reviews with four stars and above. Being awarded in nine different categories underlines e-bot7’s leading role in the field of Conversational AI.

Here’s an overview of the categories e-bot7 was awarded for in spring 2021:

  • Leader
  • High Performer
  • High Performer Europe
  • High Performer Enterprise
  • High Performer Mid-Market
  • Best Relationship
  • Easiest Admin
  • Easiest Admin Mid-Market
  • Easiest Setup

What our users say about e-bot7 on G2:

“Most advanced Hybrid AI solution on the market” Jonathan B.

“State-of-the-art AI leveraging customer experience” Nele S.

“Improved agent and customer experience guaranteed!” Emilia V.

“The expertise needed to scale your customer service” Paul S.

“For us, the implementation of e-bot7’s solution was long overdue and without alternative” Leonard R.

“Significant workload reduction of our customer service team” Christophe H.

“Serving multinational customers with e-bot7’s solution” Jette F.

Find more information about e-bot7 on G2 here.

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