Customer Stories: How freeyou launched their insurance bot in 3 weeks with e-bot7

Customer Stories: How freeyou launched their insurance bot in 3 weeks with e-bot7

Customer Stories: How freeyou launched their insurance bot in 3 weeks with e-bot7

In this customer success story, Chief Product Owner at insurer, freeyou, Dennis Bosser, and our VP Customer Strategy, Sebastian Flick discuss the journey of freeyou’s insurance bot, Chatbot Freeda

Chatbot Freeda is centrally integrated as a hovering chat bubble on freeyou’s homepage. It supports customer inquiries about car insurance, policies, damage reports or questions asked via free text input. Our technology behind Chatbot Freeda is a hybrid system of Agent+AI

In our customer success video, Bosser explains why they initially considered a bot for their customers, how the onboarding process went, and how the freeyou has immensely benefited from having a chatbot integrated into their website.

“We started focusing on the basic challenges we had. Customers experienced a lot of waiting time when they called us, so we thought about new ways to enable our customers to reach us,” Bosser states.

Watch more on how freeyou empowers their customers with e-bot7’s Conversational AI solution in the video below!

About freeyou

freeyou was founded in Cologne in 2018 with the aim of revolutionising the insurance industry. Currently, they are on the market with a purely digital car insurance. Their vision is to free their customers from annoying paperwork and incomprehensible insurance gobbledygook as well as to automate as many processes as possible while remaining customer-centered to the highest extent. More information about freeyou (in German) can be found here.

About e-bot7

With its multilingual NLP algorithm, AI hybrid solution and low implementation effort, e-bot7 is one of the most innovative AI providers worldwide. The solution of the company, which is based in Munich, London, Amsterdam, and Paris, automates enquiries and processes in customer service, analyses incoming messages and supports customer service employees with suggested answers. This reduces the average processing time by up to more than 80%. The company works with more than 250+ of the most prestigious international clients and has won over 20 awards. The founding team consisting of Fabian Beringer, Xaver Lehmann and Maximilian Gerer was named to the Forbes “30 Under 30” list and has scaled the company to 95+ FTEs in just 4 years. More information about e-bot7 can be found here.

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