Corona Chatbot: These 3 industries can benefit the most from a chatbot in the pandemic

Corona Chatbot: These 3 industries can benefit the most from a chatbot in the pandemic

The pandemic has kept us on our toes for a year now. With the spread of COVID-19, the need for information about the virus has also increased rapidly. There are constantly new regulations and rules that can change daily and often differ from country to country. Many people now find it challenging to keep track of which rules are currently in place and which information is outdated.

After all, the effectiveness of corona measures depends on how well the information is communicated. After all, you can’t abide by rules you don’t know. Therefore, some ministries, organisations, and institutions have already decided to use a Corona Chatbot last year to answer questions and provide information about the virus. 

In this article, you will discover in which industries and institutions the use of a Corona Chatbot is profitable.

What are the benefits of a Corona Chatbot? 

We are all affected by the virus. How it is dealt with, however, varies completely from country to country, region to region, and institution to institution. What applies in one place, for example, maybe completely irrelevant elsewhere. Therefore, the need for information among the population is correspondingly high. 

In most cases, the only way to close this information gap is to call the health department, the town hall or clinics, and ask for the latest information on the Coronavirus, which ties up many resources permanently. Due to ever-changing regulations and complicated rules that depend on infection incidence, there are always recurring questions. Answering these questions is then not only extremely time-consuming but at some point also exhausting for the staff. Simultaneously, there are more and more language barriers because staff members are not proficient in different foreign languages.  

A Corona Chatbot can help here in several ways. Not only can it be reached continuously without waiting time, but it also enables information to be conveyed easily and quickly in several languages. For this, the Corona Chatbot only needs to be set up in advance in the desired languages (e.g. English, German, Turkish). Simultaneously, a chatbot remains friendly even if the same question is asked for the 100th time. 

These sectors can benefit the most from a Corona Chatbot

Any company or administration can generally use a Corona Chatbot to inform customers about the pandemic’s latest news. However, Corona Chatbots are particularly beneficial for some sectors and institutions.  

Politics, administration and health sector

Politics, administrations and the health sector are currently in the spotlight and the first contact for most citizens with questions about the Coronavirus. Therefore, a Corona Chatbot primarily serves as a source of information on relevant regulations and general information on the virus. 

The UK Government has demonstrated what a Corona Chatbot can look like at the political level. They introduced a Chatbot on WhatsApp, responsible for giving the information necessary and answering all questions concerning the Coronavirus. The Corona Chatbot is directly accessible via the phone number, enabling a simple approach to share information with the public. 

Citizens no longer have to click through sub-pages when searching for information but can ask the chatbot. The chatbot then provides official government regulations or links to other pages (e.g. to the RKI).

In city administrations or public health offices, a Corona Chatbot is thus primarily interesting for providing current WHO figures and ongoing information on the country’s current regulations, district or respective city.

e-bot7 Corona Chatbot Mockup

Tourism and travel industry

Besides the event industry, the travel industry has also been hit hard by the Corona pandemic. However, in general, travelling to other countries is still possible. For example, in some countries, the numbers are low, and tourist can travel almost freely. In other countries, on the other hand, after a quarantine of several days and negative tests, it is possible to explore the country quite usually. 

Anyone who wants to go on holiday despite Corona should think about where to go and the country’s regulations. Moreover, they need to inform themselves about the current travel regulations, for example, when travelling by air. 

Chatbots can be very helpful here so that tourists do not have to click through all the travel providers’ websites, the Foreign Office and others. Travel enthusiasts can quickly ask the chatbot for the latest information on travel regulations. Here, the chatbot stays up-to-date by referring to the relevant pages.

This is also how Anna, the chatbot from ADAC, Europe’s largest mobility association, operates. The chatbot was introduced earlier as a contact option on the website and, since the pandemic, has been complemented with current Corona travel regulations. The chatbot is based on e-bot7 technology and answers ADAC members’ questions about travelling in times of Corona. Besides, interested users can receive further information on ADAC membership or insurance via chatbot Anna.

Especially in the context of COVID-19, the chatbot provides easy information access for travelling in times of a pandemic. As regulations in other countries change regularly, it also provides security and closes the information gap. If the chatbot links to sub-pages where the information is regularly updated, travellers are on the safe side, and the company has no additional time or resource effort. 


Telephone hotlines are currently in constant use in clinics and doctors’ surgeries as well. Here, patients ask general questions about Corona and specific questions about the institution itself (e.g. patient admission or visiting regulations). Hence, putting an additional burden on the reception staff in particular. 

A Corona Chatbot creates free capacities here again by answering recurring questions, linking to relevant information and providing an overview of the regulations that apply in the facility. 

How Corona Chatbots can support vaccination appointment scheduling

The use of a Corona Chatbot becomes particularly interesting for the healthcare sector concerning the allocation of vaccination appointments. For example, the AI-based chatbot from e-bot7 can provide information and automate the appointment process. 

Anyone who already tried scheduling appointments for the vaccination knows how complicated and nerve-wracking this process can be. Due to the tight capacities, you often only get a single appointment to choose from and can’t reschedule. If one cannot attend the proposed arrangement, one has to cancel the appointment booking and start all over again. Although vaccination appointments are currently scarce, a more flexible appointment system is much more patient-friendly.

As soon as general practitioners and company doctors vaccinate, efficient and straightforward appointment allocation becomes especially important. Medical assistants are otherwise only busy making appointments via phone. This time could be used more wisely if appointment allocation would be automated via chatbot. Thus, automated appointment scheduling frees up more resources for patients and vaccinations.

The Corona Chatbot from e-bot7

 A Corona chatbot is particularly worthwhile for politics and administration, the travel industry and the healthcare sector. To ensure that the chatbot is quickly ready for use, e-bot7 has developed its own Corona chatbot that provides all relevant information about the Coronavirus. For this, the bot uses official sources such as the WHO or the Robert Koch Institute. This means you don’t have to enter them yourself, and the chatbot can be implemented on your website within a few minutes.


Click here to go directly to the Corona chatbot from e-bot7.

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