Boosting digital transformation with IT Service Helpdesk Chatbots: e-bot7 partners with CLEVIS

Boosting digital transformation with IT Service Helpdesk Chatbots: e-bot7 partners with CLEVIS

Chatbots are on the rise, with constant advances in technology making them smarter and allowing for many smart use cases inside companies. Whilst the first instinct might be to use it for external customers, internal use cases are just as important for productivity and employee experience. This trend has not gone unnoticed by CLEVIS, our new partner with expertise in HR consultancy, strategy, and transformation. CLEVIS helps companies report pain points, such as frustrated or understaffed IT helpdesk personnel, while improving the overall employee experience. Using a chatbot is the smart solution to improve internal processes and automating requests. CLEVIS is happy to help clients think outside the box and has found a partner in e-bot7.

Why your company should be utilising an internal chatbot

Chatbots prove to be advantageous for companies when it comes to reduced waiting times, high automation rates, and high scalability. Due to the benefits chatbots provide as a tool of communication between companies and private or business customers, they are also well-suited for internal communications. IT helpdesk employees can often be overwhelmed with incoming request tickets – these tickets can add up quickly and become difficult to manage. These recurring requests for first-level questions cost a great deal of time for both the trained IT support team and the requesting employee. By implementing an internal chatbot, employees can have their questions resolved faster and more easily, thus producing robust relationships within an organisation. In many cases, certain chatbots are used internally for employee surveys or as a service helpdesk to assist in streamlining a workplace. From password requests to HR-related questions, internal chatbots can expedite employee inquiries, which establishes an efficient workflow. 

A well-trained and operating internal service helpdesk is a key success component concerning the progress of digitisation. Advanced technical processes and the use of correlative hardware and software help facilitate the digital growth for companies’ internal first-level support. Simple and recurring requests, such as resetting a password or authorisation requests, can be successfully resolved with e-bot7’s hybrid Agent + AI solution

The bots not only assist employees with their questions, but also significantly relieve the workload of the company’s IT helpdesk. Thanks to a pre-trained knowledge base, the chatbot can answer FAQs and standard queries from day one. With each incoming request, the bot gets trained simultaneously, thus constantly increasing its knowledge base. In turn, the trained IT personnel can focus on more complex queries, while the chatbot responds to general requests within seconds. e-bot7’s chatbots provide seamless IT operations for handling companies’ internal requests and greatly increases process efficiency in the IT department.

Another advantage of an internal chatbot helpdesk is the reduced waiting time for employees rather than dealing with circular emails and calls. This makes the process of communication between employees much faster and uninterrupted, which leads to better results, as everyone can focus on their own respective position. A reliable chatbot will automatically process tickets with recurring topics in which the internal employees will receive direct feedback about their inquiries. 

With chats and messaging becoming the preferred method of communication amongst a variety of companies, an internal chatbot helpdesk is a viable and highly efficient solution for attentively handling employees’ queries and relieving the work of your IT helpdesk. 

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CLEVIS GmbH as a professional services partner and CLEVIS Software Services GmbH as software experts have been digitising HR processes for over 10 years. Already more than 5 million employees from international corporations as well as from family-run medium-sized companies use HR processes and software from their projects. CLEVIS works exclusively with software partners who, in addition to a consistent focus on current and future challenges, are also technologically state-of-the-art and have correspondingly satisfied customers.

About e-bot7 GmbH: 

With its multilingual NLP algorithm, AI hybrid solution and low implementation effort, e-bot7 (a LivePerson company) is one of the most innovative AI providers in the world. Based in Munich, London, Paris and Amsterdam, the company’s solution automates customer service requests and processes, analysing incoming messages and supporting customer service agents with suggested responses. This drastically reduces the average processing time. The company works with more than 250 of the most prestigious international customers and has already won more than 20 awards. The founding team, consisting of Fabian Beringer, Xaver Lehmann and Maximilian Gerer, was named to the Forbes “30 Under 30” list and has scaled the company to 110+ FTEs within five years. Since 2021, e-bot7 has been part of the LivePerson Group.

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