4 reasons how chatbots help universities improve student experience

4 reasons how chatbots help universities improve student experience

With universities and colleges having closed their campuses for the majority of 2020, and even so in 2021, several institutions had to find a way to proactively communicate with their students and staff for online support. Nowadays, universities can leverage the use of chatbots to optimise these workflows and assist both current and prospective students.

Facilitate student communication

Questions concerning topics like the application process, course enrollment, and campus location can all be answered through Conversational AI. During the height of the pandemic, many students faced technical difficulties with logging into online learning platforms, where they would often be contacting both professors and tech support for online support.

Additionally, chatbots benefit potential international students, as having a digital assistant readily available is crucial when facing different time zones or when staff is unavailable.

These days, students rely on a chatbot to navigate them through these arduous and overwhelming processes. With a click of a button and quick chat, students are able to access all of this information no matter where in the world they may be, or what time it is.

Deliver omnichannel support

e-bot7’s conversational tool gives students 24/7 access to any questions with fast responses in return. With one particular university we work with, we currently have an automation rate of over 75%. Inquiries are solved on any platform, channel, or device. Meanwhile, with our multilingual feature, students will comfortably speak in their native language with the chatbot. There’s no barrier between a students’ inquiry and receiving reliable assistance. 

Reach students where their friends are

Today, younger people heavily rely on messaging apps like WhatsApp, where there are approximately two billion users accessing the app each month and availability in over 180 countries. 

Seeing that channels of communication have shifted as the expectations of consumers have changed, emails no longer work as a means of clear and proactive communication. People want fast responses, especially regarding urgent inquiries. 

We have made it possible for students to access these apps as a line of communication. Our solution is easy to integrate into messenger channels, including both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, so students’ questions are immediately solved within their hands.  

Ease of mind for staff

There are also immense advantages of integrating a chatbot into a university’s organisation for staff alone. When answering multiple questions at once, chatbots ease the workload for staff when faced with repetitive FAQ questions. Thus, staff can focus on more complex questions from students, as well as have extra time for other demanding projects. This helps in supporting costs all around. 

Create valuable conversations today with e-bot7’s award-winning solution. With features consisting of round the clock support and fast, reliable responses, this results in increased efficiency and an enriched student experience.

To learn more about e-bot7’s platform, schedule a demo with us here.

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