3 Ways to Boost your Sales with Chatbots

3 Ways to Boost your Sales with Chatbots

Through natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence, chatbots can understand speech input and provide users with the right answers to their questions. But chatbots can answer far more than just customer requests. By using artificial intelligence, chatbots can adapt their behaviour to customers and actively approach them at the right moments. Thus, chatbots offer enormous potential to increase your sales.

Offer around-the-clock service

One of the big advantages of chatbots is accessibility. Chatbots can answer questions from existing or potential customers at any time, 7 days a week, or help with product advice, for example. Compared to employees, they do not need to take breaks and can complete tasks in seconds. A product request that typically hung in the mailbox for days can now be answered immediately and personalised by a chatbot. Additionally, with the around-the-clock service chatbots can generate additional hidden sales potential during the nights or on the weekends.

Limitless conversations

Scalability is considered one of the biggest problems in the sales process. For any inquiries, whether recurrent or technically highly usually complex, an employee (whether online or offline) must be available to answer the question. Automated or hybrid chatbots offer completely new dimensions in this respect.

With a personalised welcome message, the chatbot can already signal that it is available to customers at any time. Also, it can proactively respond to certain customer behaviours and directly assist them on specific topics. For example, if a customer has filled their shopping cart and leaves the site after 2 minutes, the company may have lost valuable information about why the customer cancelled the process. A chatbot that pops-up after a certain time or click behaviour can be important to provide the last information to complete the purchase.

To better facilitate conversations, a so-called “Contextual Dialog Editor” within chatbots can be used as well. The technology prefills components and decision trees to the customer so that he can submit his request within a few clicks rather than minutes. Instead of writing a long message, he can then click a few buttons.

Personalised shopping experience

Also, artificial intelligence can collect valuable meta-data about customers and offer personalised products or services. Consequently, the customer experience can be increased which can significantly contribute to a successful sales process.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots create many opportunities for businesses to increase sales potential. All-around service, unlimited scalability, cost-saving potentials and innovative personalisation are just a few of the many benefits such technology can offer, to help your company regain lost revenue or to generate completely new or hidden revenue.

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