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    You are in good company.

    69% of consumers said they’d prefer chatbots for receiving instantaneous responses.

    ~ Cognizant


    In the gaming and gambling industry, companies struggle to meet players' high expectations for immediate customer service. Online gaming and gambling takes place 24/7 and gamers expect support around the clock. The majority of the requests are recurring, first-level support questions, causing high costs and leaving customers waiting for hours or even days for a reply.


    Our Conversational AI can automate the majority of tickets and provide immediate in-game support, fulfilling the high expectations of gamers. Chatbots are also an efficient solution to increase audience engagement with personalized alerts, updates and offers, thus nurturing the customer relationship with the brand. AI chatbots can be integrated on a variety of channels while offering consistent customer service around the clock. This drastically reduces waiting times for customers and increases customer satisfaction, while reducing costs. Generating additional sales potential with personalized offers and immediate customer support with millions of gamers at the same time lift the customer experience to a new level.

    AI chatbots can reduce costs by routing customers to the correct website and conducting intelligent conversations with millions of customers at the same time. While customers can be spread around the globe and their preferred channels vary, our AI solution ensures a consistent customer service across any channel, device or platform. This drastically reduces waiting times for customers and increases customer satisfaction. This way, insurers can scale their customer service volume and offer a better customer experience 24/7, while decreasing costs.

    Perfect for scaling sales and support.

    Fully automate inquiries & FAQs
    In-game support
    Manage customer data
    Personalised offers & alerts

    Easy, fast, secure integrations.

    Integrations to third-party apps boost the functionality of your system and connect features that allow you to enhance your business functions as a whole.

    Start delivering amazing conversational experiences today.

    Manage all bots across your organisation in one platform.

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