In the entertainment and media industry, companies struggle to deliver personalized communication at scale. Especially audience engagement and resolving questions on time suffers from the lack of service quality. The majority of the requests are recurring, first-level support questions such as “When is the next episode published” or “Where can I book tickets for the concert”. These questions not only cause high costs but also leave customers waiting for hours or days for a reply. An AI chatbot can automate the majority of tickets and even send out personalized alerts, updates or event invites. AI chatbots can be integrated on a variety of channels while offering consistent customer service around the clock. This drastically reduces waiting times for customers and increases customer satisfaction, while reducing costs. Personalized alerts, automated ticket booking and easy browsing options enabled through bots lift audience engagement to a new level.

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    Use Case.

    We have implemented our solution into the Lovoo Customer Service. With our hybrid Agent +AI solution, Lovoo was able to automate more than 80% of all the incoming support requests. This also reduced customers’ waiting time by 200%, thus significantly increasing customer satisfaction due to shorter waiting times and smart routing.

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