Corona Chatbot

The Corona Chatbot.

Due to the widespread nature of COVID-19, we decided to build a chatbot to help people affected by the situation quickly find relevant information on the topic.

What is the Corona chatbot?

We are an AI startup based in Munich, Germany with offices in London, UK and Paris, France. We have developed artificial intelligence solutions that help companies automate customer communications. The system analyses incoming messages, automates responses and processes, and routes them to the right department. For more information, visit our website here.

Due to the widespread spread of COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus), we decided to build a chatbot that helps companies, employees, customers and anyone affected by the situation to quickly find all relevant information on the topic. We use official sources such as WHO, CDC and Robert Koch Institute and update the information regularly. However, please note that we do not guarantee that the information is up-to-date, accurate or complete.

How can you help?

Please help us spread the word about COVID-19 resources. We can help you deploy the chatbot on your own website, intranet and/or any other channels. It only takes a few minutes to implement. You can also add it via this QR code.