Especially in the mobility sector, customers on the move need immediate customer service and accessible contact options. Recurring first-level support questions keep support staff busy. These questions not only cause high costs but leave customers waiting for hours or days for a reply. An AI chatbot can automate the majority of requests while routing customers to the correct websites. While customers can be spread around the globe, our AI solution ensures a consistent customer service across any channel, device or platform. This drastically reduces waiting times for customers and increases customer satisfaction. This way, companies can scale their customer service volume and offer a better customer experience 24/7, while reducing costs.

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    Use Case.

    We have implemented our solution into the Deutsche Bahn Customer Service. With our hybrid Agent +AI solution, Deutsche Bahn was able to automate more than 69% of all the incoming support requests. This reduced chat duration by 90%, thus significantly increasing customer satisfaction due to shorter waiting times and smart routing.

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